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Reverse vending machines

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YC Series

YC-301 Interactive media platform

YC-301 reverse vending machine (RVM) is aim at the market which needs doing interactive media campaign. This machine offers a simple and clean design, is characterized by 42” LED display, ideal for wrapping advertisement and branding. YC-301 takes one-way, non-refillable plastic bottles and cans.

Interactive platform: 42” LED touch screen, smooth operation, good interaction experience
Strong expansibility: Support for multi E-wallet solutions and voucher printing, wider expansion of peripheral equipment.


YC-104 Cost-effective solution

YC-104 is the superior cost-effective basic model of the reverse vending machine, takes one-way, non-refillable plastic bottles and cans. YC-104 is equipped with 17” touch screen, can be placed in outside, and support a variety of E-wallet solutions.

Compact structure design: Maximum space utilization
Modularization: Modularize machine configuration, high integration and flexibility