Reverse vending machines

Reverse vending machines

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Our Technology

We combine advanced technical technology with innovative thinking mode, carrying out in-depth technical research according to the different needs of each market to enrich the software and hardware of the product, so that it can meet more changing application environment.

Advantages of hardware

Accurate recognition
Barcode recognition: Recognize the items by scanning the barcode to match with database.
Shape recognition: Recognize the item through using Fresnel mirror technology.
Weight recognition: Identify the weight of the items through weight sensors.
CRM recognition: Verify the items through color and material sensors.
Safety use
Body design: Conforming to ergonomics, hand protection system and anti-creep function
Overload protection system: Insure the safety of devices
Security camera: 24-hour unmanned surveillance, strengthen safety level.
Advanced technology
SoftDropTM: Collect glass bottles fast and safely
True VersionTM: Identify and verify the crates of glass bottles quickly.
Sure ReturnTM: Recognize the exterior and shape of collected items by graphic matching to increase collection efficiency.
TranRotTM: 360 degrees scan to identify shape, quickly and automatically rotate for barcode search
Compression system: Optional compression mode, improve collection capacity
Sorting System: Sort the items of different brands, materials and type make a sharp distinction.
Third party system interface: Unify system interface, diversified system integration and docking methods, higher extensibility


System software

Powerful multimedia interface
Large size interactive touch screen, optimize user experience.
Suitable for Videos, Photos, News and other media play, enhance operation interesting.
Link the system to Wechat, Facebook, Twitter and other social medias to share the experience of environment protection.
RVM master control software
Develop the operation system based on the open android system, simple operation, strong scalability;
Develop INCOM TOMRA Core system independently, stable performance, support for multi-system integration docking;
Support for multimedia, visual interface, and variety display
Intelligent RVM management platform and user management system
Information sharing: Based on Internet technology, sharing solid waste information among users, managers, machines.
Multi-permission management mode: Support in multiple roles and multi-user creation, optimizing management structure according to different management rights.
QR code login: No mechanical lock management, fast login system.
Big data: Query the consumption and flow of the solid wastes, recycling rate, user consumption habits, enterprise environmental data, and environmental trends to provide data support for the government decision-making, solid waste management, market analysis, and user behavior analysis.
Multimedia Remote update: Achieve the remote update of multimedia through the Internet.
Intelligent alarm system: Monitor the using status of the machine from all-directional and multi-dimensional to improve the operational efficiency and optimize the labor cost.