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H-30 Collection expert

H-30 reverse vending machines (RVM) is the latest research and development model. With shape, barcode, material, weight and metal and other recognition technology, H-30 is a multifunctional RVM suitable for plastic bottles, cans and other disposable packing recycling.

On the basis of existing technology, H-30 added TranRot module, which can automatically identify containers, to improve the recycle efficiency. In addition, the plug-and-play compressor module can be applied to achieve rapid maintenance and replacement operation, meet the different compression requirements of different container types, improve storage space and reduce operation cost.

TranRotTM: Automatically rotate and scan recyclables containers to achieve accurate identification.
Separated storage: Up and down cases, pre-classification at the device side.
Compressor module: Plug-and-play compressor module, maximization saving storage space.


H-10/H-11 The engaging

The H-10 and H-11 reverse vending machines (RVM) offer a clean and robust design, with multiple recognition functions, ideal solution for receiving low to medium volumes of containers. Up and down separated storage make it higher storage capacity than its predecessor. Both H-10 and H-11 feature a touch screen with a large, 21.5” display, provide a good user experience and suited for branding and promotional activities. H-10 and H-11 take one-way, non-refillable containers (Such as glass bottles). Additionally, H-11 is equipped with a SoftDrop™ safe-landing unit to receive refillable containers perfectly.

SoftDropTM: Undamaged receive glass or other fragile bottles, broadening the types of recyclables.
Safe collecting: Double identification technology, dynamic analysis of mobile object trajectory, optical fraud protection.


YC-301 Interactive media platform

YC-301 reverse vending machine (RVM) is aim at the market which needs doing interactive media campaign. This machine offers a simple and clean design, is characterized by 42” LED display, ideal for wrapping advertisement and branding. YC-301 takes one-way, non-refillable plastic bottles and cans.

Interactive platform: 42” LED touch screen, smooth operation, good interaction experience
Strong expansibility: Support for multi E-wallet solutions and voucher printing, wider expansion of peripheral equipment.


YC-104 Cost-effective solution

YC-104 is the superior cost-effective basic model of the reverse vending machine, takes one-way, non-refillable plastic bottles and cans. YC-104 is equipped with 17” touch screen, can be placed in outside, and support a variety of E-wallet solutions.

Compact structure design: Maximum space utilization
Modularization: Modularize machine configuration, high integration and flexibility