Original Aspiration

In 2012, Yang Guangze, Chang Tao, and Liu Xuesong restructured INCOM, and would to develop INCOM as follows:
Integrate technology and beauty and make recycling a caring and respected industry.
Cherish and appreciate every gift from nature and make resources circulate safely and orderly on the earth.
Be an innovative disruptor in the recycling industry, focus on what we do, and share excellent achievements with all members to benefit future generations.


Keep a blue sky for future generations

In 2017, Sino-Ocean Group invested in INCOM. INCOM strives to be:
Advocate for sustainable use of renewable resources
Provider of system solutions in the renewable resource utilization industry
Key industry practitioner in the renewable resource utilization industry



    We are always enthusiastic for environmental protection. We are willing to try and change for recycling. We will stay true to and fight for our original aspiration of startup.


    We dare to explore and try. Learning is what we are skilled in. We will start from little things and be thoughtful to find improvement opportunities in details.


    We care about life and the earth. We have ambitious goals and also focus on details. We will support each other and do what we say. We will pursue the best.

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