Value the ordinary, embrace the simple. Minimize the self, turn away from covetousness.

-- Laozi, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 19


Return to the origin, embrace simplicity, regenerate endlessly


Due to the severe impact of plastic pollution on nature, drawing inspiration from Chinese traditional culture, BOTTLOOP dedicate itself in pursuing a sustainable solution for modern society with universal value.



BOTTLOOP upholds sincerity and polishes every product and service to exacting standards.
  • ISO9001 certified ISO 9001 is the world's most best known quality

    management standard for companies, which ensures that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality worldwide.

  • GRS certified GRS is the most authoritative

    international certification for recycled products. It provides qualifica_x0002_tion endorsement to recycling business, production and marketing chain of custody, social and environ_x0002_mental practice and chemical restrictions etc.


  • Traceable closed-loop supply chain
    Traceable closed-loop supply chain

    In the traditional recycling industry, a large number of waste bottles are recycled by illegal scrap collectors and processors, causing serious pollution to water sources and soil. With 16 years of experience in the field of recycling, BOTTLOOP’s parent company INCOM has developed a complete industr

  • Measurable carbon reduction data
    Measurable carbon reduction data

    Every BOTTLOOP’s product: Use bottle-recycled RPET fabrics, showcase the exact amount of bottles The discarded plastic bottles that we utilize are delivered by more than 2 million users through nearly 6,000 INCOM’s intelligent recycling machines nationwide Attach traceable carbon reduction data issu

  • Customizable fabric and design
    Customizable fabric and design

    We have a mature resource network in the renewable resources utilization industry and the textile industry with a large number of top-ranking partners. We have rich practical experience in the selection and processing of RPET fabrics, We are actively seeking cooperation with top universities and fa



BOTTLOOP was officially established.
  • In January, we had a deep collaboration with Strawberry Music Festival to implement disposable cup recycling and launch a special series of RPET souvenirs.
  • In March, we provided WWF Earth Hour recycled t-shirts as a creative support.
  • In April, we launched a athletic wear set with National Geographic’s Earth Run, spreading the call to say no to single-use plastics.
  • In April, we partnered with singer Kelly Cha to launch a special-edition recy_x0002_cled raincoat with Let the Dolphins Fly, a charity event related to marine conservation.
  • In June, we lectured at Central Party School on environmental course and provided recycled office supplies to multiple centrally-administered agencies.
  • In September, we recycled waste bottles at Alibaba’s 20th annual meeting and turned them into limited-edition recycled raincoats with Xianyu APP.
  • In September, we got invited by UN Youth Climate Summit and provided China delegation with customized recycled t-shirts and tote bags as diplo_x0002_matic gifts.
  • In October, we partnered with People's Daily Online to create eco-friendly business handbag.
  • In October, at the 2019 Beijing International Design Week, we collaborated with Blackbow and WWF to present Dear Garbage, an eco art exhibition.
  • In November, we joined hands with Mercedes-Benz to create recycled souve_x0002_nirs for its EQC pure electric SUV launching event.
  • In November, we got invited by the 13th China Cup to create a 50,000-people zero-waste international sailing event.
  • In November, we got invited by the 10th Caixin Summit to create a zero-waste international summit.
  • In December, we assisted Sanya government to build “zero-waste city” and showcased recycled bag to highlight the city’s image of sustainable lifestyle.
BOTTLOOP’s former brand “R.BOTTLES” was established.
  • In June, we provided RPET t-shirts for the volunteers of 2018 World Cup in Russia.
  • In September, we were invited to the Summer Davos Forum.
  • In October, we joined comedian Li Dan to launch Golden Plan, a charity project.

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