INCOM Won the First Prize of Science and Technology Award Given by China Association of Circular Economy


Recently, the China Association of Circular Economy announced the "Winners of 2019 Science and Technology Award Given by China Association of Circular Economy". INCOM has emerged from 128 projects and ranks among the top five in the country with its leading advantages in scientific and technological innovation. Its project "Optimization and Integration Technology and Its Application in INCOM Recycling System for Renewable Resources" has won the honor of "First Prize of Science and Technology Award Given by China Association of Circular Economy" and holds a position in the only five “first prize” awards. General Manager, Chang Tao, on behalf of INCOM, attended the award ceremony to receive the honor.



It is reported that the Science and Technology Award Given by China Association of Circular Economy was approved by the national science and technology award authority and established by the China Association of Circular Economy to award citizens or organizations engaged in scientific and technological development and research as well as the promotion and application of their achievements in the field of circular economy. The 2019 Science and Technology Award aims to further implement the national ecological civilization idea, to further implement the innovation-driven development strategy, to promote green development, to enhance the scientific and technological innovation capability in the field of circular economy, to promote the development of circular economy and industrial technological progress, and to realize the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements in circular economy. Its project areas cover steel, nonferrous metallurgy, coal mine, chemical industry, machinery, construction, agriculture, etc. The overall technical level is in the leading position in China, and some projects have reached the international advanced level.
INCOM, founded in 2003, is a pioneer and promoter of China's recycling of renewable resources. INCOM, which has long been committed to the intelligent and safe recovery and recycling of renewable resources, has the largest single-line production line of recycled bottle-grade polyester chips in Asia, and is also the only enterprise in China that can produce food-grade recycled polyester chips certified by the State Ministry of Health and the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau. After more than ten years of deep industry cultivation and technological innovation, INCOM, based on "internet + recycling", has integrated the intelligent recycling of classified garbage, the full control and tracking of renewable resources traceable information system, the safe and harmless recycling of resources in recycling plants, and development and sales of renewable resources products, such as the fashion brand BOTTLOOP under its renewable tide, realized recycling of garbage resources, and constructed a complete safe, intelligent, efficient, harmonious, green and energy-saving recycling system.

INCOM has always been at the forefront of the environmental protection industry and ranks first in the field of circular economy. In the field of intelligent green recycling, INCOM was the first enterprise in China to propose to reform the traditional municipal waste recycling system through Internet of Things technology and Internet. The first reverse vending machine developed and mass produced by the company has made it become the only intelligent recycling machine manufacturer and operator with independent intellectual property rights in China. Its products have been exported to Mexico, Netherlands, Brazil, Thailand and other 30 countries and regions in the world, becoming China's largest exporter of intelligent machines and tools. In recent years, INCOM has integrated the advantages of the industry and developed innovative technologies. It has created a full closed loop of the front-end intelligent recycling, mid-end monitoring and tracking, back-end safety treatment and recycling in the industrial chain, providing a systematic and intelligent solution for the city's green development.
At present, the upsurge of garbage classification is taking Shanghai as the starting point, and is rapidly advancing to 46 cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Changsha, Xi' an, etc. The "optimization and integration technology and application of INCOM renewable resource recycling system" will also play an increasingly important role, contributing "INCOM technology" to more and more cities in China, shooting the garbage classification problems of various cities by means of INCOM’s overall recycling solution, contributing to the green recycling development of cities, and thus promoting the continuous development of national economic recycling.

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