Deposit system

Extended Producer Responsibility System (EPR)

Extending producers’ responsibilities to the entire life cycle of products, stipulating that producers shall bear the responsibilities for collection, recycling and disposal of products after use (product abandonment stage), so that the producers shall be liable for recycling or disposal of its products. Including: deposit system, fun system, green dot system and so on. From the global experience, disposable standard deposit system is the most effective way.

Deposit recycling system for disposable standard packaging materials
——deposit system

Deposit system, as a reflection of extending producers’ responsibilities, refers to a system that requires the collection of a monetary deposit on beverage containers at the point of sale. When the container is returned to an authorized deposit center, the deposit is partly or fully refunded to the redeemer (presumed to be the original purchaser).

Advantages of deposit system

Realize the socialized collection of low-value packaging materials to avoid secondary pollution.

Effectively improve the safe recycling rate of packaging materials.

Avoid secondary pollution

The government, residents, manufacturers, sellers, recycling enterprises and consumers will reach a multi-win situation.

ore than 40 countries and regions in the world implement the deposit system. The average recycling rate is 85 %. The average public approval rating is 79.68%.

  • 40+ countries
  • 85%+ countries
  • 79.6%+ countries

Foreign cases

INCOM’s design, construction and operation of deposit recycling system in China

Based on the advanced foreign experience and domestic actual situation, INCOM innovatively proposes a deposit system adapted to China's national conditions.